The Corporation of the Township of Huron-Kinloss
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  • Mitch Twolan, Mayor
  • Don Murray, Deputy Mayor
  • Lillian Abbott, Councillor
  • Jeff Elliott, Councillor
  • Jim Hanna, Councillor
  • Carl Sloetjes, Councillor
  • Ed McGugan, Councillor
  • Matt Farrell, Building & Planning Manager
  • Kelly Lush, Deputy Clerk
  • Mike Fair, Director of Community Services
  • Monica Walker Bolton, Senior Planner, County of Bruce

August 8, 2022, Council Meeting Minutes
September 7, 2022 Committee of the Whole Meeting Minutes

206 BRUCE ROAD 86 - PLAN 226 PT LOTS 1 AND 2; and 7 WHITECHURCH ST - PLAN 226 N PT LOT 1 N PT LOT;2 (Kinloss)
Township of Huron-Kinloss, Roll Numbers 410711000206300; 410711000206301

The purpose of this application is to sever a 178 sq m parcel of land from 206 Bruce Rd 86 and add it to an adjacent parcel at 7 Whitechurch St. The Zoning By-law Amendment is required to permit the reduced lot area of the retained parcel and to rezone the severed parcel from Residential Special (R1-25.88) to Institutional. If approved, the effect of the application would facilitate a lot line adjustment correcting a historical encroachment of a shed on the subject parcel. An easement granting pedestrian access for 206 Bruce Road 86 is proposed with this application.

Monica Walker-Bolton, Sr. Planner County of Bruce will present the report. 

Township of Huron-Kinloss, Roll Number 410712000208200

The purpose of the application is to sever a residential lot from a 1165.6 sq m parcel. An amendment to the Zoning Bylaw is required to permit the existing semi-detached building and rezone the property from Residential 'R1' to Residential 'R2'. If approved, the application would facilitate the severance of an existing semi-detached building down the common wall, such that each half of the building is on an independent lot of record.

Monica Walker-Bolton, Sr. Planner County of Bruce will present the report. 

Monica Walker-Bolton, Sr. Planner County of Bruce will present a Planning Report regarding the Multi-Municipal Wind Turbine Working Group recommended Setbacks for Wind Turbines.

Maria Wood, Canacre Ltd. on behalf of Bell Mobility will be making a presentation regarding a proposed location of a new telecommunications installation at the Point Clark Community Centre at 344 Lake Range Dr. 

By-Law No. 2022- 145 being the September 2022 Confirmatory By-Law 

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